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Friday, 12 February 2016
Background and History
General Info - About Us
Linvoy and friendsFaith & Football was started in Portsmouth in 2002 by Christian professional footballers Linvoy Primus and Darren Moore. Along with Mick Mellows, the Charity Director, they decided that as Christians they wanted to serve their local communities by helping young people and their families, be positive role models and help make a real difference!

From that simple beginning Faith & Football has grown so that it now provides a range of community, educational and overseas programmes using football as a platform for relationship building. We mobilise the Church to meet and serve people where they are on life’s journey and to make Jesus’ message of hope known to all.

A team of 2 full time staff members and over 200 enthusiastic Christian Faith & Football volunteers in Portsmouth, Plymouth, Barnsley and Farnborough faithfully serve their respective communities by delivering our programmes. Christian professional footballers support the work by participating in everything we undertake.