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Former Crystal Palace, Watford and Barnsley star Bruce Dyer says the transformation in his brother’s life caused him to turn to God.

“I spoke to my brother who had become a born again Christian in prison. When he came out, the transformation in his life was unbelievable. I was talking to him and saw that Jesus was real. I just sat on my bed and repented of my sin and said sorry to the Lord.

I asked him to help me live the right way. It was weird and strange. I supernaturally changed. As soon as I asked the Lord Jesus Christ into my life everything changed.”

God not only transformed his brother’s life, but also Bruce’s life. He became the club’s most popular striker and became an evangelist.

On the field, he was known for lifting his hand to God after scoring and having a pre-match prayer huddle with his team before big games.

Although football is a big part of Bruce’s life, he says success in life is not about winning football matches: “True success in life is being a Christian and fulfilling God’s plan, not about winning a football match. True success for me is letting my light shine before all men and being a disciple of God. I want my success to glorify God.”

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