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In 2015 we visited Chandigarh in the North of India and had the opportunity to support and work with children labelled the "untouchables".

These children have parents who are doing their best to provide for the families by finding work but it means the children wander the streets all day on their own as their parents can't afford the schooling fees.

HoH (House of Hope) who we partner with provide a free education for these children giving them English and Hindi lessons as well as Maths.  They also run computing and sewing skill sessions for teenagers to help them learn skills to get jobs.

We provided clothing, games and also gave them a set of our Extra time Reading books to help with their education.  We delivered sign language lessons to help the children who were deaf and mute, encouraging all the children to learn how to communicate with them. 

We connected with a Pastor who ran 'slum schools' who rescued children from the slums and gave them a free education and shared the love of Jesus with them.  He also runs a boys home and has rescued many children from the grip of poverty and provides for all their needs.

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