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School Co-ordinators

  • Wisdom to oversee the team of Faith & Football mentors and the group of children each week at their school

  • Passion and enthusiasm to share the Word of God and opportunities to do so

  • That the Gospel Message they share at the end of each term to all the children and parents will plant and water seeds

Reading Mentors

  • Form good, solid relationships and build trust with the children they are working 1-2-1 with

  • To be positive, Godly role models to the children and their families

  • Health and energy needed to work with the children each week

  • Opportunities to share their faith with the children and their fmailies

  • Be strengthened in their faith as a result of volunteering on this Scheme

Children & Families

  • Improvement in the children's reading ability

  • Development in emotional, behavioural & social areas of their life

  • Salvation - personal relationship with Jesus for each child on the scheme

  • Opportunities for us to serve the families more and meet more needs as they appear through ongoing relationships

Schools Involved

  • Wimborne Junior - there is a good strong group of Christian staff there

  • Meon Infants

  • St John's Locks Heath

School Staff & Head Teachers

  • Work load/pressures they are facing

  • Ability to care for the children and enjoy their work

  • Wisdom for the Head to lead their school

  • Opportunities for Christian teachers/staff to encourage one another and pray together in their schools

Other ways to help:

  • £10 a month for a year will provide 12 children with their own Bible!

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