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Gospel Message

  • Each "Time Out" session has a themed topic for sharing the Gospel. Pray that all who come will be open to hear and receive the message

  • That all will encounter Jesus for themselves

  • That the team of volunteers will be able to deepen relationships and share their faith in a meaningful way

Family Relationships

  • Family relationships to strengthen and improved

  • More quality time for families to spend together

  • Break ups, separations and problems in families to be restored

Community Cohesion

  • Pray for an impact on our families which will help them change the culture of their local community

  • To see local people working together for the good of the city

  • To help everyone see they can be part of the solution to live in a better world

Home Visits

  • People pray as we step into the family homes that we will be bold and courageous - we always end our visits with prayers with the families

  • That the families will be receptive to hearing about Jesus

  • That we can build stronger relationships with the families and discover new ways of supporting them


  • We have plans to carry out jobs around the family homes to help them out - decorating, minor repairs, gardening, Need some funding to make this a reality

  • Funds for our termly "Time Out" crafty sessions for all the family!

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