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League Director

  • Wisdom to run the league and include everyone

  • Opportunities to develop trust and build relationships with the community and be able to share their faith in a meaningful way

  • To encourage the league managers (Faith & Football volunteers) in their faith

  • To be positive Godly role models for the volunteers and community

League Managers

  • To build good, solid relationships with the children in their teams and the families they represent

  • To have boldness and courage to share their faith with those on the league

  • To have opportunities to pray with and for the families as needs arise

Children & Families

  • Help us to meet the needs of the families - e.g. food, friendship and emotional support

  • Help the children to listen to the guidance we offer through the Gospel to help them in life

  • Encourage and enable the families to spend more quality time with one another

Half Time Talks

  • That this "God slot" would plant and water seeds in the heart of the children and parents as they listen each week

  • That the league managers who deliver them will be strengthened in their faith as a result of sharing Jesus

  • That Jesus would be glorified and acknowledged by all involved with the leagues


  • That funding would be available for football equipment, medals, trophies and facility hire for the general running of the leagues

  • That extra funding will be available for further supporting and encouraging the families - gifts at Easter and Christmas, food hampers, family days out, etc

Other ways to help:

  • £10 a month for a year will provide medals and trophies for a year!

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