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  • Pray for the Little Angels Home in Goa and the young people who are housed there - they have all had traumatic expereinces and some have special needs

  • Our Partners Mustard Seed Ministries

  • House of Hope in Delhi who are working with the children and their families referred to as 'untouchables'


  • The Romany people as they live as a persecuted group in Serbia

  • The thriving Romany Church which has a desire to reach the Serbs with the love of Jesus

  • The establishment of Faith & Football in Serbia as we set about starting football leagues for the local children


  • Our volunteer Stephan Izakare who is a Tribal Leader serving the Ugandans and the Sudanese people on the border of the 2 countries.

  • Protection and safety, wisdom in decision making, resources to reach refugees and the Gospel to reach those in need

The Gambia

  • Pray that our connection there will make a way for the Gospel to go to Muslims who are in the area

  • That kit would be available from the UK to send for use amongst the youth


  • Our partner Soteria Trust (Andy Economides) who runs the Soteria Business College giving young people a passport out of poverty through education

  • Pray for the growth of the Church which is run from within the Business College

Other ways to help:

  • Sponsor an orphan overseas for £10 a month!

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