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GOD has had a big influence on my career, ever since I joined Bradford in June 1997. There, I travelled to training each day with Wayne Jacobs, and the friendship we formed led to the start of my journey in faith. Wayne was a Christian, and I was inspired by his testimony. Everything about it seemed so right to me. Soon I invited God into my life.

Since then throughout my time at Portsmouth FC, WBA, Derby County and Barnsley FC before I go on to the football pitch, I give thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to play. However, after the kick-off, I’m focused on the match, and my aim is to try to help my side to win. After the match, I just give God thanks for the opportunity of taking part and for keeping me free from injury. I’m grateful to Him for that.

God has really given me confidence on the pitch. Before, I used to beat myself up under the pressures of the game. They are immense, and God has helped me to deal with them. I’ve got a certain peace now, and I’ve got someone to turn to. Now I know to not only give my best, but also to go out and enjoy myself.

In March 2003, I suffered a serious knee injury playing for West Bromwich Albion. My faith played a big part in helping me to come to terms with it, and although it was a terrible injury I had a peace and sense of joy through it all. My time in physiotherapy was a joyous period. I blessed God for being there for me to lean on. He is always there for me.

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