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As a child I used to wear a locket of a Hindu god with four arms and a knife in its hand and I believed in its power.  I used to worship these gods and follow all their festivals.  But I didn't see much good in my life so I didn't think these Hindu gods actually existed.

I used to feel like "why am I in this world?"  I sometimes felt suicidal as I had lots of problems in my family.  I had a life without hope, it was full of anger, there was no sense of fun, just hate.

I had heard about Jesus, that He was a good man, but I thought He just died.

As I was growing up myself and my brother started causing more problems.  There were so many arguments in my family.  We had financial problems and it was difficult for my family to raise five children.  One day my dad was coming home from work and began to get bad chest pain.  A Pastor stopped and prayed for him.  He came to visit our home and my family started going to his church.  I found a peace when I started praying, I could feel God's presence, a feeling I had never had before.  I realised that Jesus loved me and he died for me and all the world.  I knew He was the true, living God.  As I read the Bible I learnt more about God and it told me that man was made in the image of God.  I knew that the Hindu god I had followed as a child couldn't be God because he had 4 arms and that’s not how I was made!

My dad was against Christianity, he thought the Hindu gods we worshipped would be angry and bring about trouble for us.  The Pastor could see there were problems in our family so he arranged for me and my brother to go into care.  Unfortunately we had to be separated and I ended up at Shalom House, a Christian Children's Home, at the age of 12.  At Shalom House we would pray everyday and read all the Bible stories that I had never heard before.  We would sit for three hours every day learning about God, asking questions and finding out more about this amazing Jesus.  As I compare the things I used to worship with Jesus Christ it is completely different.  He died on the cross for my sin and rose again.  In the Hindu religion the gods are at war, there is no peace.  Jesus offered me the best kind of peace I had ever experienced.

It wasn't easy for me to follow Jesus when I went home for holidays.  My dad would argue with me.  But as I grew up I started sharing Jesus more with my family, however my dad would never stay to listen.  I explained that being a Christian was not an end to all problems because there was an enemy that wanted to destroy you, but that even in all the troubles you could experience peace.  I would sing the songs I had learnt at Shalom House to my family.  Eventually my dad began to stay when I prayed and now I’m happy to say that my mum, my dad, my brother and my sister have all come to know Jesus as their Saviour!

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