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Our Extra Time Literacy Scheme began in 2007 with a pilot year in one Infant School with Year 2 pupils and one Secondary School with Year 7 pupils.  We now concentrate our programme with Year 2 pupils as early intervention helps with progressing through the rest of the curriculum and also allows us to engage with the families on a deeper level.

Each child on the programme is given their own mentor who spends 30 minutes 1-2-1 with them every week as well as 30 minutes in a group session.

We have created our own Literacy Scheme based on Bible stories.  We have selected 14 different Bible stories and placed them each on four levels ranging from beginner reader through to competent reader.  


We believe the Bible is a great tool to help people to develop their reading skills as well as imparting great wisdom for how to live life selflessly and thinking of others.

As well as serving our local schools throughout the city our Literacy Scheme is also being used in India, Uganda, Kenya and The Gambia helping adults and children alike.

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