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Football was my God. Everything I did, all the decisions I made were geared towards my ambition of success and fame through football.

Following my time at Charlton Athletic as a young footballer and my other experiences at Barnet FC and Reading FC I realised that football could be a hard and heartless industry and that fame and fortune does not make you happy.

I had always tried to be loyal and work hard for the clubs I played for but had been treated harshly and unfairly. As a result I came to hate football and all it stood for. That really set me questioning the whole way of the world and its values. Suddenly life didn’t seem fair. What sort of race was it, and was it worth it? Out of those feelings I had an urge to buy a Bible and go to church, but I didn’t know where to go and I didn’t know anybody.

When I came to Portsmouth FC I met Darren Moore who was a Christian and he helped me in my decision to give my life to Jesus and since then I haven’t looked back. At last I knew what real peace in my life was and my whole attitude to football and people changed as God changed me on the inside. As my confidence in God rose my relationships improved and I even began to play without fear and as a result perform to a higher level than I could have ever imagined – I even became “Player of the Season”!

After an amazing 10 years at Portsmouth FC I can honestly say I owe everything to God and my life just seems to get better and better! I know God has an amazing plan for my future and that He will continue to use my football gifting for His glory.

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