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In 2006 Faith & Football took a party of 15 volunteers to Mexico City, the country’s capital.

There are up to one million rejected, abandoned, homeless young people in need of God’s provision and love. Working with OMS, Oriental Missionary Society, we were able to play football with, feed and clothe, some of the most vulnerable street children and young adults. Meeting those who lived in sewers, who were taking drugs simply to deaden their hopeless circumstances and thereby consigning themselves to an early grav,e filled us all with an overwhelming sense of compassion for the poor of this world.

This was a memorable trip and also included risking life and limb handing out World Cup gospel tracts in the traffic filled streets, launching the first Alpha course in Mexico City and having to leave a slum area because of rumours of a kidnap attempt of one of the professional footballers who had accompanied us on this mission trip!

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