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Having been raised in a Christian family and coming from five generations of Christians I have been given a real firm and solid foundation in Jesus.


I asked Jesus to be my Best Friend and come and live in my heart when I was five years old at a Summer Holiday Club, and clearly remember skipping home that day with a newfound joy and happiness.

Since that early age I was immersed in the Church and was privileged to see many Christians live out their faith through all situations and circumstances, in both the joys and storms of life.  As I grew up I was also incredibly blessed to have amazing youth leaders who encouraged the pursuit of holiness in everyday life.  Their faithfulness to serve myself and all my friends week in and week out in their home spoke volumes to me, and helped me reinforce my own loyalty and devotion to God.  At Secondary School I was also so blessed to have some Christian teachers who demonstrated faith in the workplace and were unashamed to share Jesus.  This greatly encouraged me and strengthened my faith in my teenage years.  As a young person I always had a strong and sure identity and felt comfortable standing up for what I believed in but the support from those teachers made a big difference.


From my life it is easy to say that my family history, my parents, the Church, my youth leaders and my teachers were the ones who have built my faith and this desire to follow Jesus.  But I want to credit this all to Jesus.  He is the one who chased after me with outrageous love.  He stood knocking at the door of my heart.  He laid down His life for me.  He suffered and died for me.  He gave up everything so that I could live life to the full.


Throughout my life I have failed God many times.  I have let Him down, made mistakes and chosen to do the wrong thing rather than follow His example.  But no matter what I have done one thing is true.  God has never failed me.  He is faithful.  He never changes.  His love for me is unconditional and everlasting.   Why am I committed to Jesus?  He has an amazing plan and purpose for my life.  Without Him life would be meaningless.  He has promised me a place in Heaven.  He has forgiven me.   When I go through trials in this life He is right by my side.  He never leaves me.  He surrounds me with perfect peace.  He empowers me with the Holy Spirit.  He lives within me.  He directs and guides me.  He is the One, true God.  He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  There is no other like Him!  Who could even compare to Him?!

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