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In Nigeria we partner with evangelist Andy Economides and his Soteria Trust who provide vulnerable children and young adults with educational scholarships to their Prospect Children's School and their Soteria Business School based in Ibaden.

Faith and Football teams have visited the Soteria School on a number of occasions and used football as a means of bringing communities together, supporting the education vision of Soteria Trust and promoting the good news of Jesus.

In Africa education empowers. Education gives young people the means to have life through job opportunities. It enables those without hope to obtain a passport out of poverty and deprivation into the dignity of employment.

The Soteria Business School is affiliated to Chichester College, England. The school provides affordable and excellent education in Administration, Computing, Business and Accounting. The training and qualifications gained helps young African students help themselves by creating job opportunities. The vision is working; young people are securing jobs or starting businesses. The Soteria School imparts values in busness such as integrity and compassion as well ensuring that the young people and staff alike are becoming mature disciples of Christ.

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