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This challenge is designed for Year 9 students to create a company made up of 4-6 team members, to develop a business idea and plan and turn it into a practical and real way of generating income.  The prize is a trip of a lifetime overseas to see where their company has made a difference with their profits.

This is an exciting extension to our existing Social Enterprise & Business Challenge.  We work with local commercial and educational partners to develop school students with entrepreneurial and leadership potential to become not only 'work ready' but 'life ready'.

We are devoted to seeing needs within our city and being part of the solution.  Extra Time is our response to help under achieving readers learn to read.  We work in primary schools using our own Bible stories resources.



Faith & Football was established with community football leagues for children in inner city areas.  They provide us with a handshake to our local communities and help us to build relationships so we are more able to see the needs of our city.

Our Walking Football League is for over 50s males who are passionate about football, building friendships and team work.  It's a great social opportunity with plenty of banter as well as medals for all participants and trophies for the winning team!


At Faith & Football we are enthusiastic about sharing our faith in Jesus and the difference He has made in our lives!  The Alpha course is a Christian basics course that explores the meaning of life providing people the chance to ask any question they have in a relaxed, non-threatening environment.

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